Stylishly sleek and ultra-hip, Mansion is London’s answer to the ultra-modern lounge. The chic conversation areas, attentive staff, nonstop music, and upscale ambiance, provide an unforgettable entertainment experience.

Mansion is a spectacular 12,000 square-foot lounge, night club, and special events venue. The exquisite interior of the site features three unique environments for each essential part of your event.

Mansion’s table searing in the tradition of European bottle service takes nightlife VIP to a new level of decadence. VIP guests are ushered into an elevator up to the mezzanine, a 3,900 square-foot enclave offering panoramic views of the dance floor. The VIP haven secluded from the main floor offers its won premium bar and restrooms.

Decorated in rich colours, Mansion provides a new and distinctive feel for all of your entertaining desires.

Mansion brings London’s nightlife back to the exclusivity and glamour that the city was founded upon. Indulge and check out the suave, sophisticated styling of London’s most unique nightclub for yourself.